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As with everything, I don’t think I could have predicted my desire to launch a podcast. Especially one that talks about change and how looking at something in a new way can help that change go easier. One thing that does make sense to me is the broadcasting of my voice over the airwaves for others to hear. This desire had a simple beginning.

I learned in junior high that I loved to talk into a microphone – or at least something I could pretend was a microphone. Each night I sat at my desk to do homework. I can recall sitting in my room completing math problems, studying vocabulary lists and diagraming sentences. I didn’t enjoy doing homework until it came time for the reading assignments. When the time came I would crack open the book and turn to the start of the passage we were to read. I would then swivel, twist and turn my desk lamp so that it would mimic a microphone, pulling the shade close to my face to pick up every sound my voice would emit.

The lamp was awesome. Circa 1970 something and possible one of my parent’s desk lamps from college. It was a hand-me-down that made its way onto the desk in my room. It had a base and shade of metal and the arm looked just like that of a microphone stand. I learned early on that I couldn’t have the lamp on prior to using it as a microphone because the bulb would get so hot I would burn myself. My lips are tingling as I write with the memory of being scorched.

My speaking skills didn’t receive a ton of use until I was 21. I had moved to a small mountain town and was one of the new City Planners for the community. Everyone was involved in local politics and I was put on the spot and interviewed the Friday of my first week at work. While not looking forward to the interview, it was not the audience that made me nervous. The 8am hour was the local new show and the host was known to ask tough questions and would leave no stone unturned in their quest to discover anything that might impact the citizens. Over the years my role in government and the community increased I became a regular on the 8am show. Being given the opportunity to share information with Parkites over the radio showed me it was possible to start a dialog, share a new thought and explain and idea just by using my voice.

I signed up three years ago to be an evening DJ at the station and was given the evening shift from 7pm to 10pm. I enjoyed every minute of it. I received meaningful feedback from friends and strangers alike and truly appreciated it when someone would mention I kept them company on their drive home. In the end the DJ gig ran its course. There was something more I wanted but at the time I didn’t know what it was.

This past spring while laying out my future 6 and 12-month goals, launching a podcast appeared on my list. My fingers moved without thought as I typed it on the page. It just appeared, and it immediately felt comfortable for me to set it as a 6-month goal. I’ve received a lot of help and encouragement along the way and can’t believe I will be able to place a check mark next to this accomplishment 5 months after it appeared on paper.

So here I am with nervous anticipation, just days before the launch of my podcast – STRETCH. I hope you take time to subscribe and listen.

Most of all I hope you enjoy!

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