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My friend Becca is the ultimate optimist and her boundless energy allows her to give time to important efforts in her community.  Becca volunteered her story immediately after hearing about STRETCH.  She knew that her story would help someone see the challenges in their own life and find new paths through the change.

Becca is a caregiver and this episode will feel familiar to those of us who forgo our own needs when taking care of someone.  Caregivers have an amazing ability to downplay feelings, not giving weight to their own thoughts.  This causes an undercurrent that can drain energy and make the situation feel larger than it needs to be.  I hope you find nuggets of inspiration in Becca’s story that give you hope and help you STRETCH towards new possibilities.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the episode and how it relates to your life and areas where you’d like to STRETCH.  You can leave me a message here by voice, in the comment section below or PM me on Instagram.

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