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Making changes in our lives is not easy – even when it is a life or death decision.  In Episode 02, Jacqueline shares her story of addiction and her path towards a healthy life and 33 years of sobriety.

Jacqueline shared her story for STRETCH after a brief explanation from me about the podcast.  This episode was the first I completed, and it felt like the ease of which she explains her struggles translated easily to the format I wanted to create.  This episode was the first I shared with friends as I explained STRETCH and its premise, and I’ve received great feedback from listeners about how they could translate her story to challenges in their lives.

In this episode Jacqueline and I share:
• How an addiction can start
• The self-destruction addiction can lead to
• Jacquelyn’s path from counselors to state run rehab
• Learning to prepare for change
• A spiritual awakening to live
• How purpose is the ultimate motivator
• The process of relearning behaviors and building healthy habits

I would love to hear your thoughts about the episode and how it relates to your life and areas where you’d like to STRETCH.  You can leave me a message here by voice, in the comment section below or PM me on Instagram.

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Find our more about Jacqueline and how she creates harmony through sound and silence.
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