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Do you have a story you are hoping to share through the written word, audio or visually?

Many people get stuck, procrastinate or don’t even know how to start when attempting a project. This is where I can help. My career started over 20 years ago as a city planner. I developed skills to provide background, sequence events, find the common ties and identify roadblocks for any given project in written form. My goal was always to captivate the reader. My skills grew as my need to provide concise presentations clearly explaining quite boring material to City commissions and boards became more frequent. My most recent endeavor, launching STRETCH has helped me use my organization and storytelling skills to develop a consistent message and brand.

These strengths and understanding of the creative process can help you get over the challenges you face and set you up with an outline and path allowing you to pour your creative genius into your project.

How do we get started? Email me at and let’s talk.