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Creating Change

How this all started: My Desk Lamp

As with everything, I don’t think I could have predicted my desire to launch a podcast. Especially one that talks about change and how looking at something in a new way can help that change go easier. One thing that does make sense to me is the broadcasting of my voice over the airwaves for others to hear. This desire had a simple beginning.

I learned in junior high that I loved to talk into a microphone – or at least something I could pretend was a microphone. Each night I sat at my desk to do homework. I can recall sitting in my room completing math problems, studying vocabulary lists and diagraming sentences. I didn’t enjoy doing homework until it came time for the reading assignments. When the time came I would crack open the book and turn to the start of the passage we were to read. I would then swivel, twist and turn my desk lamp so that it would mimic a microphone, pulling the shade close to my face to pick up every sound my voice would emit.

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How this all started: The message

I’m currently in graduate school at Gonzaga University, studying Organizational Leadership. This past spring, I took a class on Transformational Leadership. The class explored the lives of Malcolm X, Gandhi, and others. I set a hypothesis at the beginning of the class – to be a great leader, you must undergo some sort of transformation. Believing that transformation leads us to understanding ourselves better, opens our minds to other experiences and thoughts and allows us to interact with others without judgment. And that those who see life in that light are the type of people who make good leaders. This melded perfectly with my purpose in life which to help others achieve their goals. From that the message for the podcast started taking shape.

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