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As with most things in my life, I don’t think I could have predicted my desire to launch a podcast a year ago, but a lot has happened in my last year – last three years in fact. My life changes include everything from divorce, job changes, moving (twice!), starting my own consulting business and going back to school for a Masters Degree.

Looking back on my life changes I saw that it was the stories that my friends shared of their own lives that helped me through my challenging times. Hearing how they looked at the trials they faced and by listening to the mental mindsets they had in place I could see that by changing my perspective my outlook on my own situation improved.

Understanding that we all face the same challenges during change is where this podcast was born. My goal is to provide others with new perspectives and unveil key steps that can help us reach the changes we want in our lives.

I hope this podcast will help you STRETCH towards the goals you set for yourself and the new reality you want to create in your life.